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Python – httplib

You might want to use the requests module instead which is easier to use.
If you need to use httplib, this article is for you.

Here is a basic example on how to use httplib to access TeamCity REST API using just GET and POST:

Global variables:


Method for the HTTP request with basic HTTP authentication.
It returns a tuple with the following fields: status, reason and body:

def teamcity_api_request(url, data=None):
    Send a TeamCity request using REST API
        verb = 'POST' if data else 'GET'
        print "Sending HTTP " + verb + ": " + TEAMCITY_SERVER + url
        conn = httplib.HTTPConnection(TEAMCITY_SERVER)
        user_and_pass = b64encode(TEAMCITY_USER + ":" + TEAMCITY_PASSWD).decode("ascii")
        headers = {'Authorization':'Basic %s' %  user_and_pass, "Content-Type": "application/xml", "Accept": "application/json"}
        if data:
            print "HTTP Message Body: " + data
            conn.request(verb, url, data, headers=headers)
            conn.request(verb, url, headers=headers)
        res = conn.getresponse()
        print "Unexpected error:"
        print sys.exc_info()[0]
        print sys.exc_info()[1]
        print sys.exc_info()[2]
        print "Error while retrieving TeamCity information!"

    res_status = res.status
    res_reason = res.reason
    res_body = res.read()

    # Dumping out request
    print "--------------- HTTP response --------------------"
    print "Status: " + str(res_status)
    print "Reason: " + res_reason
    print "Body: "   + res_body
    print "--------------------------------------------------"

    # Stop execution if HTTP code is different than 200
    if res_status != 200:
        print "HTTP code is different than 200. Aborting..."

    request = collections.namedtuple('Request', ['status', 'reason', 'body'])
    # Convert body to json if request was successful
    if res_status == 200:
        res_body = json.loads(res_body)
    req = request(status=res_status, reason=res_reason, body=res_body)
    return req

How to use it:

# GET - get a list of builds
request = teamcity_api_request("/builds")
print request.status

# POST - cancel a build
request = teamcity_api_request("/buildQueue/id:<build ID>", "<buildCancelRequest comment='<comment>' readdIntoQueue='true' />")
print request.status